My story is very long but I will try to make it short. I met Eva while at the university as an undergraduate. We didn’t quite date but we had flings several times. After graduation we left and went our separate ways. 5 years later, I meet Paulina, whom I like love. We start dating. We have now dated for 3 years. I propose to her and she accepted. Along the line, I ran into Eva and somehow, we had another fling. My greatest mistake was to have unprotected sex with her. My God, I don’t know how she convinced me into even having sex with her. When Paulina told me she was pregnant, I went to see her family, to make my intention for their daughter known. Only to meet Eva right there in Paulina’s house. I was visibly shaken and somehow embarrassed. Only for me to be told that Eva is the sister of Paulina. Later that night, Eva calls to tell me that she’s pregnant for me. Now I am in a real trouble. Right now Paulina doesn’t know what transpired between me and her sister. What should I do? Should I tell Paulina or should I just walk out on both of them? What about my babies they are carrying? I am so confused.


0 #8 Valentine Iroanya 2020-05-08 11:38
0 #7 Praise Ukenye 2020-05-08 11:37
Madness everywhere
0 #6 Rose Daniel 2020-05-08 11:35
This is indeed a difficult situation. The deed is done already and the best way to handle it is to reveal the truth to Pauline since he loves her. The most difficult part is how to talk to the in-law. Let him take care of the two sisters till they put to bed because their parents may never allow him marry any. Running away is out of it! There's no point for that.
+1 #5 Peter 2020-05-05 20:16
Only the babies are innocent. Always!. ;-)
+1 #4 Eli 2020-05-05 14:53
Chai! You have to tell Paulina. But it's difficult
+1 #3 Kla 2020-05-05 14:09
Think first, now it's too late. There are pregnancy prevention methods.
+1 #2 Ratman 2020-05-04 17:37
Eva's lying. She ain't pregnant. Why she didn't say be now?
+2 #1 Angel Chieze 2020-05-04 17:35
I admit that it's a really difficult situation in which you find yourself in but I can assure you that there's always a way out.First, don't feel guilty and blame yourself for anything, what has happened has happened and you are on the right track as you have decided to put it out here for people to advise you.
Second, please go ahead with your marriage plans. Tell Eva to hold on until she gives birth to her baby, then go for paternity test. Find away to disclose this to your fiancée because she would be heartbroken if she hears it from someone else...

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