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Hi Everyone! A friend asked me to post this. He needs advice. This is his story:

15 years in secondary school, I fell in love with a girl. She was a year older than I am. We love each other so much that we decide to take blood covenant. At first I was scared but she encourage me and finally I agree. It happen one day after school. Everybody has left. It was only two of us in the classroom block. So we were going home, trekking together. I didn’t even know that she had a blade with her. It was in a bush path. Only us on that path. Then she cut her finger and me did the same. We take a covenant not to leave each other until death. I don’t knw what happen but the girl later become mad. They have taken her to many places for treatment no no way. She mad getting to seven years now. As for me, nothing good is happening to me. My business suddenly stop. I cannot even continue my education. Things become worst after she mad. The child we born together die. Everything just spoil. I need help. How can I break this blood covenant with this mad person or how can I get cure for her madness? I believe that it’s the madness that is affecting my life. Please advise me. I need help.