I just discovered that I am not the biological father of my 12 years old son. My wife whom I married just confessed to me that our first son is not my biological son. She said that she she is now born again and can’t keep the secret from me any longer. I am so devasted and don’t know what to do. Should I send my wife away and start all over again or forgive her? What about the the boy, should I send him to his father? Right now, I am staying in a friend’s place because I don’t want to kill somebody. What should I do?


Total Samples Tested

> 7153

Total Confirmed cases






So this means, that about 10% of all tested samples are confirmed cases.

Nigeria has about >200 Million citizens. Less than 10.000 have been tested, so far.

The numbers we get have no meaning at all.

What do you all mean?


I am 27 years old. I am the first born and only male child of six children. As a child, I grew up with several elder female cousins and relatives as well as my sisters. At age 12, i would steal the clothing of my sisters and dress up as a girl. I would even us the wigs and make up of my elder cousins. I did this often and I was punished severely for this. So I had to stop. However, that desire did not die. When I got into the university, I would often show up in Parties and Clubs dressed as a girl. At first, my friends thought I was funny but later on, they began to frown at it and said I have a demon. My family has threatened to disown me if I continue. Do I quit? Note that this has given me some kind of media attention however I have also lost close friends and now about to lose my family too. Please, advice me.


                                                                MALE CHILD OR NOT?                   

Hello Admin, please post for me. please help me out.

I am a mother with 3 beautiful daughters. My husband and I are very poor such that our daughters are not in school and we can barely feed. I am just a petty trader. According to our culture, my husband is not fully recognized because he doesn’t have a male child. He is forcing me to get pregnant otherwise he would impregnate another woman outside. If she bears him a male child, he would marry her and she would be more respected. I don’t want to get pregnant yet as we can barely feed. What do I do? Do I get pregnant? What if I still give birth to a female child? Please advice me. Thanks

_Chinelo from Nigeria