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Emilia Dike, a Nollywood actress has been reported dead. The news of her sudden demise came to the fore after @okechukwuoku, a movie and music director announced it via his IG account, after posting a picture of her thus paying tribute to the Late Emilia Dike. In his tribute, it was reported that she featured in his last two projects. He said “why death taking the best people??? I’m confused oooo. Just filmed with Mama here on my last two projects, excited to release it and now this horrible news. A woman with a heart of gold,Aahnoooo. We will miss you Mrs Dike. Nollywood has lost a gem in you. This is messed up” He ended it with a heartbroken emoji.

Similarly an upcoming Nollywood actress, Emilia Dike, who coincidently bears the same name as the Late mama, has also paid tribute to the Late actress while stating clearly that she (the upcoming actress) is not dead and in good condition so people should not get it missed up. In her tribute via her IG handle @emiliadike, she said she was pleasantly surprised to hear that an actress bears the same name as her. That after they had spoken on phone, they had plans to meet and possibly do a movie together “…but now these imaginations will end up in my brain and can’t be fulfilled any more.”

It was reported that Emilia Dike slumped on Wednesday in Enugu State where she resides and died instantly. The cause of her sudden demise is still unclear as the family is yet to release a statement to the Press.

The late Emilia Dike has featured in several Nollywood movies including ignorant Couples, Kings Guard, where Money Never Sleeps 1& 2

May her gentle soul rest in peace. May her family, friends, relations and entire Nollywood take solace in the fact that she lived a good life.




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